Advertising - Miceli-Productions-HD

Commercial Photography and Video Content Creation specifically for business, product and promotional needs.

We speak your language.  We know how to navigate your organization and showcase the best of your people, products, services, and culture. 


• 2300 Sq. ft. Studio space, centrally located in Southington, CT

• 14 years of Industry Experience

• Set-up to work remotely with anyone across the country

• Ability to scale projects and creative teams to handle large productions and shoots on-location

• Cutting edge equipment maintained on site including camera gear from Canon and Panasonic, multiple editing suites, white/green screen studio, and a large variety of support gear and lighting • Multiple data backup solutions employed onsite and offsite. Redundant data maintained for no less than 5 years.

• Both Partners have experience in outside fields including audio technology, animatronics, sound & system design, laboratory science, and chemistry/biology.


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